Hi. I'm Kamil Lelonek.

And this is my Portfolio, where I present my latest work,
projects and personal achievements.

You can find a bit of information about me here. Learn about what I do

I design and build amazing things.

My work is focused on mobile technologies, but I'm also interested in multi-platform applications.

Windows Phone

Working with Windows Phone was a part of my university coursework for over a year and during that time I have created some useful applications, which are widely used today.



I have three years of experience with Android. I created multiple applications in my free time and for academic purposes, as well as worked on projects for companies such as Volvo and BLStream.

Java, Scala, Ant, Maven, Jenkins


Developing for the iOS environment is one thing among my area of intrests. I'm an active participant of iOS open source project for Wrocław ZOO.

Objective-C, iOS, Travis CI


Web design and development is something I have always been interested in. Web pages were often part of other projects I was involved in as a convenient access for clients, who don't have access to mobile device. I've alse created websites also for promoting my work.

HTML5, CSS3, CoffeeScript, AngularJS


I've developed a few desktop applications, mostly as a part of my academic projects. It was never a significant part of my career, but I learned many things and different approaches to software design and engineering during these projects.



Server side was almost always backend support for all of my projects. I used many different technologies in order to learn about each, at least on the basic level. I learned many useful frameworks for managing content of web pages and providing data for mobile clients.

Ruby on Rails, Play! framework, GIT

Awesome work makes happy clients.

Here are some examples of my projects.


PWrRssReader was created for students at Wrocław University of Technology. With the application, every student can be up to date with the latest news and events at WUT. All information regarding WUT is stored in one place. With a few clicks, students can find everything happening at the University.


This common framework facilitates performing urban games, wchich are nowadays a very popular phenomena in a field of social events. The mobile application, giving unique flexibility and supported by a server, allowing results tracking, will altogether bring fresh quality to location-based gaming.


The mobile part of a very popular financial web service KiedyKasa.pl, which calculates the time it takes for money to be transfered between two selected banks at particular time. It uses elixir mechanism to provide all necessary data for incoming and outgoing bank sessions depending on the posted and instructed time.

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